Carmen Patton

Master Stylist

Carmen Patton has been a licensed hairdresser since 1984; with 30 years of experience in the hair business, she has mastered the arts of cutting, coloring and highlighting. She has received certifications in Keratin Treatments and hair extensions along with different areas of hair relaxing. She understands the chemistry behind the chemicals and enjoys the hard work.

She prides herself in her ability to make hair do what she wants it to… she can manipulate hair from the root.

Back in 2006 she met Gina Ferrell, owner of Prima Hair and Day Spa, and there was an instant connection! From that day, Carmen and Gina have worked side by side at Prima. You will often find them chatting and laughing with each other and their clients all while offering premium service to their clientele.

Come in and feel the security of getting your hair done by a seasoned stylist and enjoy the warmth of the friendly environment.